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Perceptions is about inspiring a community!  A call to wake to our true selves beyond  the thought mind and into the wisdom of heart. A place for unity, recovery,  and community.  Join us in creating venues to happiness, peace, joy, trust, and wholeness.


    * Energy healings and space clearing appointments can be done through the facebook link above or by calling  505-738-7228

      - Sales can be shipped or completed at The Mesa Club in Rio Rancho, NM.   For Meeting  times at Mesa, questions or reviews on products,  get in touch today at 505-738-7228, by email or comment on our Facebook page!    


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  Hi . Sally jo here, Intuitive.  The sole mission is to bring together our community; a place that unites us, regardless of race, social, sexual, or religious status.  Allowing our community to grow and develop in Spirituality while encouraging better awareness of the things that bring us love and joy.  

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